Welcome to Feminist Audio Books

What is FAB?

FAB is a postal library service, producing and lending feminist, woman-focused and lesbian books, plus extracts of Diva magazine, on audio tape. FAB also offers “Books To Share”, when FAB acts as a go-between for members who wish to share their own audio books with other members.

Any woman in the UK who does not find it easy to use print can join FAB. For example, if seeing print or holding a book is difficult, or if a woman has dislexia.

Membership costs £3 when you join. It costs from 0p to £1.50 to borrow a book, depending on what a member can afford. There may be a small charge for postage if a member is not entitled to use “Articles for the Blind” free postage labels.

FAB will not refuse any woman who cannot afford to pay.

To find out more, contact Linda by
phone: 0161 225 3748

and by post on tape, in braille or in print via:
c/o The Pankhurst Centre
60-62 Nelson Street
M13 9WP

FAB Seeks New Co-ordinator and New Home

Linda, the co-ordinator of FAB for the past 8 years, needs to take more of a back-seat in the running of FAB for a while.

If you are interested in taking on the role or sharing it with others, please phone Linda Marsh on 0161 225 3748.

FAB also needs a new home. The Pankhurst Centre has generously given FAB space free of charge for 8 years; but changing usage of the building means this is no longer possible.

So, FAB can move to anywhere in the UK.

If you want to find out more, phone Linda Marsh on:
0161 225 3748.

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